Monday, February 23, 2009

Recent highlights

We left the farm and went to the big city this weekend! Had a great time doing some different things - like getting lost in a parking lot (!) and reconnecting with cousins.

We were playing a game in the car following mexicanjumpingbain's instructions and only saying words that started with the letter e: egg, every, and then I said essential. His response: "Mom, I don't think that's a word!" Nothing I could do but laugh and move on....

Later, at a chinese restaurant reading our zodiac signs out loud. Limabain reads how he is caring, artistic, and funny and then gets to the punch line: you will marry a rabbit or sheep. I SO wish I had a picture of the face he made when that reality sunk in. I could see the cogs in his brain start clicking and going backwards and steaming with this new information - I didn't know people married animals!!! He was totally relieved once I stopped laughing and explained it to him.

I had to post the pic below of the the baintrain with their cousins, V and D. When I was growing up there was nothing I loved more in the whole world than going to my grandparent's house in the fire hydrant capital of the world: Albertville, AL. My cousins S and C lived there and the games we played and fun we had are many of my happiest and most carefree childhood memories. Playing hide-and-go seek for hours, walking to the candy store, learning to squish lightning bugs(totally gross, but turned out to be prep for being a mother of 4 boys). I am so thankful our children are having the opportunity to experience the same thing!


PS - We had a little "bloggers-unite" conference of our own this weekend and finally got a pic of lib and em together!

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Suburban Turmoil said...

LOVE the Chinese fortune. That is hilarious! I love the way kids take everything literally.


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