Friday, February 6, 2009

Here's an opportunity to vote on my child raising decisions. If you care to.....

Limabain protests getting his hair cut...and as this picture shows, he's LONG overdue. Okay, that's just my opinion (and an obvious understatement), but look at that mushroom - I really think it's gotta go. I am not against boys having long hair, just as long as it's styled properly. This obviously doesn't make the cut, but any suggestions on HOW to convince him would be appreciated. Other than the "because I'm your mother deal..." I use that too much!



April said...

I am not sure how much stock you can put into my opinion since my oldest child is only 5. Only yesterday, she insisted on wearing a velvet purple dress with pink tights to school and I had to tell her that, while I encourage her to pick out her own clothes, she couldn't wear such an outfit to school. However, at Limabain's age, I might be inclined to let him wear his shaggy hair until a peer(hopefully a female one) informed him that it was unbecoming.

I don't really think it looks that bad, honestly. Maybe explaining that this particular shaggy do, is outdated by at least 2 years and that the Pete Wentz mess of a hairdo is what is more 'in' now days? Of course, you may not want to turn him on to that one either...Ummmm, maybe Drake's hair from drake and josh might be more appealing?

Mrs. White said...

as a teacher of adolescents, my advice is choose your battles.

then again, bribery always works at this age....a new Nintendo DS, COD5 for Playstation.

Show him a "now" photo of Phil Spector. That might scare him into submission.


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