Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Confession time

I'm not catholic, but if I was I would start this with "Bless me reader for I have sinned..."

Every day is not a good day. After 11+ years in a house of boys I know and understand this. I still don't like it though. Yesterday started just fine, but deteriorated with super sonic speed trying to get them ready to leave/eat some soup/shoes on their feet and basketball uniform together in a 30 minute time span right after work. Of course Mexicanjumpingbain wanted to wear his new soccer cleats, normally not a problem, but I erupted with "LET ME KNOW SOONER WHEN THE SHOES YOU WANT TO WEAR TAKE 10 MINUTES TO PUT ON!" Ugghh, it looks even worse in black and white.

I pulled it together for the drive to town (thank you xmkids), and for the shopping excursion, but after we got home the composure flew right out the window and the yelling about picking up shoes and getting ready for bed began all over again.

I hate it when I yell.
I will do better. I will try harder. I will not raise my voice, at least I can commit to that today.
I will not let the small stuff bother me. I will remember their emotional health is more important than being on time or having a perfectly clean house.
Absolution, please?



April said...

Well, I forgive you! I hate yelling too. To stop being a yelling mom was actually one of my new years resolutions. It happens, don't be yourself up.

Now.....go in peace!lol

Mrs. White said...

absolution granted.


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