Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thank you, Mr. Lucas

Does George Lucas know that they moved the Star Wars weapons testing labratory to Tennessee? More specifically, to our playroom. I must admit the cache of space weaponry at our house is impressive. I wonder daily how much money he makes on merchandise residuals. Maybe I should say, "Your welcome, Mr. Lucas."

Some people are against letting kids play with toy guns. I gave up that fight 3 kids ago. I don't need scientific evidence to show me that boys are going to shoot at each other whether it is with a Storm Trooper blaster, a magic marker or a roll of paper towels. From 7 AM til 8 PM, it is "pow-pow-pow", "pish-pish-pish" and "tsoo-tsoo-tsoo" with Droids battling Clones. Since Number 4 isn't quite old enough to join the Star Wars battle that rages in our house 24/7, The Big Three taught him to "play dead" when shot at. Cute, I think.

Another day, another story,


1 comment:

Jeff said...

Sounds like my house. Literally.


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