Sunday, October 26, 2008

My son the censor

We had a baptism at church today and Limabain was the censor, or so I thought. I was corrected at our family lunch that the person in a church service carrying the censor (the thing that holds the incense) isn't the censor, but a thurifer. Whatever the name - I thought his initiation into the "big time" of acolyte-ing was blog worthy.

He did such a good job I was tempted to snap a shot of him going down the aisle...then I remembered that I WAS in church and I was sure it would raise the "appropriate" line of questions in the car. I could hear stringbain and all of his 11 year old wisdom, "Mom, is it really appropriate to take pictures for your blog in church?!" I promise it was the only thing that stopped, I compromised and got him after the recessional.


It shows

We went to pumpkin fest in Franklin, TN yesterday. Had a great time, although the morning dressing up in costumes and getting out the door was a bit stressful. At one point I actually screamed "oh my god" at the clock...a small loss of perspective, perhaps, but we were off schedule. However, we made it in plenty of time for lots of (crowded) fun.

It was the first time we've ever let the older 2 - string and lima - go off on their own while the mainbain and we kept up with the younger 2 - mexicanjumping and butter. The older boys were very good, checking back in at the times and place appointed and feeling rather "big" not having to stay right by our side.

As you can imagine pony rides are not high on the list for 11 and 8 and 5 year old farm boys. But it is for 2 year olds, no matter where you live. So butterbain and I got in line. And waited. And waited. I tried to explain the logistics of waiting - while we waited - but he just wanted to run right up front and get on a pony.

Finally, we were one group away from mecca and the big boys just happened to come back to ask that only slightly annoying question "You are still in line?!" At that moment butter announces his need for a bathroom, loudly as you'd expect from a 2 year old. "Mom, I have to go!" Every parent knows this is a non-negotiable statement, so I press the big boys into service to hold our place in line and rush to the bathroom, hoping we don't miss our long awaited turn.

We returned just in time to - you guessed it - wait a little longer. After string and lima ran off to gather more treats the mom in front of me turned and asked if the boy in purple was one of mine. I claimed said boy-in-joker-costume and wondered what she was going to say.

While we were gone to the bathroom she was holding her daughter over her shoulder, and the little girl kept pointing at the sucker stringbain was enjoying saying "sucker, sucker, sucker..." She said "once your son realized what my daughter was saying he reached down in his candy bag and gave her one of his suckers. It was really sweet."

Confirmation. From a stranger. I didn't need it, but it sure felt good.

We'll be going back for more treats next year!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Nine Is the New 12

It started with the black tennis shoes. Then the deodorant. Listening to his iPod. Acting like a COMPLETELY different person in the presence of girls. I gave birth, blinked my eyes and Number 1 is now picking out his outfit the night before school, showering in the morning like a man, and talking to the 5th graders on the back of the bus.

It is the natural order of things. Kids grow up which means you are supposed to grow up too, but most days I really don't feel much older than I did when I was 22. Except for the pediatrician appointments and piles of laundry. Oh yeah, and all those little people calling me "Mama".

I am all for 40 being the new 30. Nine being the new 12, not so much.

Another day, another story,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Days

Number 3 and all his first grade friends (and most of their mamas...funny didn't see any daddies dressed up?) celebrated the 50th day of school by dressing up in 1950's attire, doing the Hand Jive, hoola-hooping, and drinking Coke floats.
I couldn't help wonder how our Quartet (and us grownups) would possibly live in the '50's without TV, video games, Bakugan toys, and instant everything. Couldn't ponder it too was our class's turn to do the Bunny Hop. I think we would do just fine.
Another day, another story,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

String Bain is 11!

Today is his birthday! We went to a corn maze this afternoon and then had a family party tonight. I made the cake, and must say it was worthy of He loved it, though and called it the monster blob cake. I was sure the rip-stick we gave him was going to be his favorite gift, but it turns out we can't get him to put down his new book - Diary of a wimpy kid II - Roderick's revenge!

Hard to believe that we've only had him for 11 years - it's hard to imagine life without him now. That's the deal with kids, right? They come and are so hard to get used to and figure out and then in a few short years they are counting how much longer it will be until they are driving. Which actually happened just a few mornings ago when stringbain reminded me that he will be a driver in only 5 more years.

I'll just enjoy 11 and be glad I don't have to deal with that yet!


Monday, October 13, 2008

16 Balls on the Stairs

On our way home after the wedding yesterday we stopped by the Em's house for a quick hello. Amazing that even though The Boys haven't seen each other in about 9 months, they never missed a beat. They just swarmed around and started talking and promptly vanished to the playroom like old friends, right after we snapped this picture, of course. Gotta love Number 3 screaming...and the rock-star pose of Stringbain!

We have to get them all together more often...

PS from Em:
Wow, that's a lot of boys ! ! !

Here comes the bride..make that ring bearer

There are times I've been struck dumb by my offspring. Sometimes it's their creativity, or quickness, or capacity for great ideas. But last Saturday night I actually fell in love all over again with mexicanjumpingbain.
He was invited to be the ring bearer in my cousin L's fabulous wedding. (Note here for all family members not in attendance-it was magazine quality- from the mint juleps served prior to the ceremony to the lanterns in the trees to the shrimp and grits - every detail was incredibly well done.)
We did some preliminary rehearsing at home, you know what he could and could not do while up front - I will admit he failed the bottom scratching part of the list-of-things-not-to-do. Other than that, he was perfect. And it wasn't just that he did the right things and smiled at the right time. The kid is gorgeous! I know, I know he's mine. But sitting there on the front row, I just couldn't believe a child that good looking and well behaved was actually mine. He rarely dresses up and never in a bow tie and jacket, and as I leaned over to ask the mainbain if he was seeing what I was seeing, I couldn't help getting tears in my eyes...overwhelming gratitude for the miracle of mexicanjumpingbain.
Of course he ditched the tie and jacket as soon as the ceremony over - and dug holes in the ground with his new white bucs, but I've got a new appreciation for him. The boy is amazing and add this to his growing list of positive qualities - he can dance!!
It was a gift for me to see him in a totally different and new light.
Professional ringbearers we come!

*I almost forgot, near the end of the reception - right before he passed out on the couch - he asked me to find that "wedding girl" to get his present.

** Thanks for thinking of him L&C - hope you have fun in the Philippines!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So that's how it is

Mexican jumping bain actually got up early enough to go running with me the other day. It may seem foolish to some of you that I wanted him to go - after the bike riding expedition a few weeks ago - but I cannot resist a blond headed boy with morning chicken feathers for hair. My heart melts and I would give him just about anything in the morning. My resolve hardens up as the day wears on.....
On our way back we are chugging along and holding hands and he starts asking about exactly how old he is.

MJB: "Am I five and a half or six and a half?"
Me: "5 and 1/2."
MJB: "So I am five and a half now and I will be six and a half on my next birthday."
Me: "No, you'll be 6 on your next birthday, but a year form now you'll be 6 and 1/2."
MJB: "Okay, I get it, on my next birthday, I will be 9!"
Me (laughing) : "Whatever..."

It was too funny not to laugh and just keep on running. He knows the truth and it will catch up with him when there's no number 9 on his cake....he's got the rest of his life for reality.
Just for today, he can skip a few years and be 9 on his next birthday.
He's happy no matter how old he is.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Brother, My Hero

I just love what I overhear in the car from the wayback.

Number 2, "When I am in 4th grade, I am going to be just like you."

Number 1, "Really?"

Number 2, "Yes, I am going to be just like you when I am 9."

Number 1, "Do you mean really smart and good at basketball and guitar?"

Number 2, "Yes, when I am in 4th grade I will be smart as you."

Number 1, "Well, you better start applying yourself now."

Another day, another story,


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