Friday, June 20, 2008

Groundhog Day

To quote Kate from Jon and Kate Plus Eight, every single day is excruciating the same although vastly different. This may be a little tedious and boring to some, but this is really my Today Show* Times vary somewhat, but irrelevant really.

Wake up.
Shower - if it is a "leave the house day".
Kiss husband goodbye.
Unload the dishwasher.
Feed the Big Kids.
Feed myself.
Coffee and newspaper.
Feed the Babies.
Change the Babies.
Clean up after the Big Kids and Babies.
Squash a tantrum.
Break up a little chaos.
Give The Last Thomas his bottle.
A kind of a fuzzy gray zone here.
Change diapers again.
Put The Last Thomas down for nap.
Is it really time for lunch already?
Feed the Big Kids and Number 3.
Feed myself.
The Last Thomas wakes up for lunch.
Chaos and diapers again.
Another fuzzy gray zone -- certainly filled most days with homemade crafts, organic baking or educational outings.
Big Kids are hungry - snack time.
The angels rejoice if Number 3 takes a nap.
The Last Thomas takes another nap.
Number 3 wakes up.
Seriously, it can't be time for another meal.
Daily cocktail.
Daddy's home...the home stretch.
Clean up.
Play outside. Ride bikes. Shoot hoops with Daddy.
Bath and Bed for Numbers 1-4.
Kiss husband.
Get my daily allowance of trashy Bravo reality shows.

* This entire schedule can change without warning at any time due to, but not wholly limited to, the following: vomiting, unexplainable whims of Number 3 (aka The 2 Year Old), lack of naps, acts of God, and the overall disposition of all parties involved.

There are of course the impromtu song and dance shows by Numbers 1 and 2. Or an elaborate choo-choo story to create with Number 3. A little SpongeBob and Go Diego Go. Hugs, kisses.
Plus, watching all the amazing ways The Last Thomas is changing each day- still exciting even after three before him.

It's just that most days blend into the next. It is difficult to know what day of the month it is half the time. I wouldn't change it that much, but hope it doesn't fade into a 20 year blur.

Another day, another story,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My 2 year old is a superhero...sort of

We recently saw TMNT - for all of you without boys that's code for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I tried, I mean I REALLY tried to stay awake and watch it with them, but failed that particular mom-test. The morning after "we" watched it, butterbain (2) came running into the kitchen and copped the stance shown here - while yelling "CHING!" I think it's the sound of the ninja swords coming out....we can be walking down the driveway, or at the grocery store, if he feels in the mood to "fight" he's definately going to "ching." It's really becoming one of my favorite things to imitate.....

After he's mopped up all the bad guys, uh...brothers, he's got a bit of time on his hands, hence Picture # 2. Of course if doesn't affect his superpowers at all.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Putting a leash on a cat

That is what it truly feels like to take all 4 Thomas boys anywhere that we actually have to get out of the car. Wouldn't it be fabulous if everything had a drive through?

Eating out turns into a speed eating and relay-to-the-restroom event. I find it helps to apologize to the wait staff in advance for the mess. The grocery store is a marathon..."just-a-minute-no-you-can't-have-chocopuffs-sit down-get-back-in-the-cart-take-that-out-of-the-cart-where-is-Number 2-did-we-lose-the-pacifier-on-aisle 6-did-someone-poop-no-you-can't-have-chocopuffs-yes-you-can-eat-another-pack-of-fruitsnacks-wait-yes-no-oh-did-not-6 packs-of-fruitsnacks-we-get-milk-FORGETITLET'SJUSTGONOW".

With school being out it is a little more tricky to get anything done that requires going anywhere, but we are slowly trying to find our rythym. Some days it actually works out just fine. The trip to the museum we all took a couple weeks ago was a near perfect outing. No tantrums, no messes, no tears. Just sheer fun. But I still just don't get those people who say they will be "sooooo sad when school starts back". I am not exactly counting the days, but I am pretty close to certain that I won't be "sooooo sad" 56 days from today.

SIDE NOTE: Can one be slightly insane? One second (literally 1 second), Number 3 is sweet, calm, just hanging out playing choo-choos. The next second (again, literally 1 second later), he transforms into an emotional tornado. Hard to plan around such things. We chalk it up to being 2 1/2 and hope he grows out of it soon. Probably by the time Number 4 is ready to begin his own meterological phenomenon.

Another day, another story,


Friday, June 13, 2008

The Bain Pod

Coming up with blog names for my boys was challenging until I remembered early name discussions we had when I was pregnant with the first of four. My husband's unpredictable sense of humor outed itself quickly when someone asked what names we were thinking about - he quickly quipped "Pinto butter bain," with a straight face.


Then laughter. 

We enjoyed making ourselves and others laugh for a few months thinking up unusual bains, er...beans to name said boy after. I mean garbanzo was too good to pass up using when we ran into an old friend in the grocery store...the look of terror on peoples faces when they didn't realize we were kidding was priceless! 

We used the idea - as a middle name- with number 2, but had run out of beans during pregnancies 3 and 4...but that I'm here in this world of security with a capital S, I am resurrecting the names we never had the nerve to use. Perhaps we should think of real-life nicknames - it's never too late, right?

So - from here on out:

# 1 string bain - tall, lanky, responsible. He's good at mimicing accents and is has an over developed sense of a grown up, really.



#2 - lima/Lima (as in Peru) bain - because he's the solid count-on-him-to-mis-interpret-what-you-say boy. He's also got a great sense of humor and was punning by the age of 3. We live in the backwoods and he said people around here probably sing Rudolph the redneck reindeer...


#3 - Mexican jumping bain - the wild card of the family.   The boy is insanely brave, tough and hysterical.  I swear he doesn't feel pain like the rest of humanity.  The one who God sent to pull me out of the pit of depression and self centered-ness...and turn me into a morning person to boot! He's head strong and  wee bit controlling, but only because he's got great ideas. 


#4 - butter bain - because everything is better with butter. When I was pregnant with him and found out he was a boy, a close friend said, "I know you wanted a girl, but God is sending you something better, this boy will be a lover!"  And as sweet as all the other bains are, he IS a lover. He's the topping of our family. He changed my hair from straight to curly with all of his buttery goodness.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Family Dinner

As all six of us sat down for dinner tonight at the actual dining room table, I realized why we kept having all these little people. Number 2 said the blessing, "Dear God, before we eat, we must prayer. Now, we need to eat. Amen." Number 1 and Number 3 were wearing sunglasses. The Last Thomas was happily smashing crackers as far and wide as he could. Joel and I could hardly keep from laughing out loud with joy the entire time. Life is good.
Another day, another story, Em

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

where i want to live

Watching a movie with Rook (5), I asked him what his favorite part of the day had been...swimming, baseball, or treats...he said this is my favorite part of the day. I asked again - you mean what you're doing right now is your favorite part, and again, "yep!" "So, let me get this straight, whatever you are doing at the time is your favorite thing to do?!" and non-chalantly he says - "of course!"
That's the ticket -

The things kids say

I had a meeting at church today. Dropped my 2 year old and baby off at the nursery as usual. I told the 2 year old he was going to "his meeting" to add a little excitement to the routine. I pick him up a couple hours later. He was busting to tell me, "Mama, I had fun in MY meeting." Cute enough in itself, but then he added a little flourish (and break-dancing move) loudly singing "Break it down, baby!" all the way down the hall. Who knows where these things come from?!?
Another day, another story,


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