Sunday, October 26, 2008

My son the censor

We had a baptism at church today and Limabain was the censor, or so I thought. I was corrected at our family lunch that the person in a church service carrying the censor (the thing that holds the incense) isn't the censor, but a thurifer. Whatever the name - I thought his initiation into the "big time" of acolyte-ing was blog worthy.

He did such a good job I was tempted to snap a shot of him going down the aisle...then I remembered that I WAS in church and I was sure it would raise the "appropriate" line of questions in the car. I could hear stringbain and all of his 11 year old wisdom, "Mom, is it really appropriate to take pictures for your blog in church?!" I promise it was the only thing that stopped, I compromised and got him after the recessional.


1 comment:

April said...

ehh, just shoot without the flash and you'll be fine!


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