Monday, October 13, 2008

Here comes the bride..make that ring bearer

There are times I've been struck dumb by my offspring. Sometimes it's their creativity, or quickness, or capacity for great ideas. But last Saturday night I actually fell in love all over again with mexicanjumpingbain.
He was invited to be the ring bearer in my cousin L's fabulous wedding. (Note here for all family members not in attendance-it was magazine quality- from the mint juleps served prior to the ceremony to the lanterns in the trees to the shrimp and grits - every detail was incredibly well done.)
We did some preliminary rehearsing at home, you know what he could and could not do while up front - I will admit he failed the bottom scratching part of the list-of-things-not-to-do. Other than that, he was perfect. And it wasn't just that he did the right things and smiled at the right time. The kid is gorgeous! I know, I know he's mine. But sitting there on the front row, I just couldn't believe a child that good looking and well behaved was actually mine. He rarely dresses up and never in a bow tie and jacket, and as I leaned over to ask the mainbain if he was seeing what I was seeing, I couldn't help getting tears in my eyes...overwhelming gratitude for the miracle of mexicanjumpingbain.
Of course he ditched the tie and jacket as soon as the ceremony over - and dug holes in the ground with his new white bucs, but I've got a new appreciation for him. The boy is amazing and add this to his growing list of positive qualities - he can dance!!
It was a gift for me to see him in a totally different and new light.
Professional ringbearers we come!

*I almost forgot, near the end of the reception - right before he passed out on the couch - he asked me to find that "wedding girl" to get his present.

** Thanks for thinking of him L&C - hope you have fun in the Philippines!

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April said...

He is so adorable!


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