Saturday, September 13, 2008


I've been working too much. We have a family business (other than the farm) and I've been putting in upwards of 30 hours these past few weeks. My mother had heart surgery and we got behind and if you know anything about working for yourself - the freedom comes with a price tag. Yes, I could take off and go sit in the hospital, but the office is waiting for me once I get back. In order to attempt catching up I've been working at night after the bains are all tucked in and am just now getting caught up.

In the midst of all if this driving back and forth to Vanderbilt and working late when I am home I realized I was so exhausted I hardly had any good energy left for the boys. Coming out of my fog, I realized I am much more fun in the morning than in the afternoon.

We home school with the help of a tutor and only do "outside" school on Friday's. I had this morning-is-better brainstorm, and got everybody up yesterday to go on a bike ride. After we located all the bicycles and loaded up, off we went down our dirt road to see what we could and enjoy the breezy, fall-ish morning.

Right now there are wild sunflowers blooming along the road, so our first stop was to pick a handful of those. Our neighbors horse came right up to the fence while limabain was picking the flowers and we enjoyed petting its velvety nose before re-mounting. As we ride, mexicanjumpingbain is tiring because he's riding his cousin's bike and its a bit too small for him. I know what it's like, so I just keep encouraging him to keep up with me, not the big boys. We find a persimmon tree and have to stop to gather and eat some. They are so good as long as you take that skin off! I've too often gotten impatient and left a little bit of it on, only to have my lips pucker and get instant cotton-mouth. On and on we ride, it seems a lot farther with all the good morning questions and then all at once everybody is ready to go home....especially mexicajumpingbain whose legs are now killing him. (*note we've only ridden about 3 or 4 "blocks" at this point.)

We all turn around and head for home. Stringbain and limabain start racing and for a while mexicanjumping and I are out in front. But once we are no longer on the slope, they overtake us and leaves us in the dust -literally - it's a dirt road.

So, I've got butterbain in the seat behind me and am a bit ahead of mexicanjumpingbain - secretly calculating how many calories my relaxing, meandering bike ride is burning - and I tell him to go faster and catch up with me. I look back and he's actually off his bike, "taking a break!" He hops back on and starts peddling. He's barely peddling and I know we will never get home at this pace. I can see the big boys waaayyyy up ahead, almost home, and I am wondering if there are any adults on the farm who will question why I've been gone so long and come and rescue us in the car.....

Still encouraging, I tell him I am not going that fast and he could "beat me" if he just sped up a little. And he responds, " I am NOT going any faster...I don't want to get pulled over!" He actually says is with a straight face and it's so clever it takes me a minute, and then he smiles and we laugh so hard, the rest of the way home is a breeze.

It was fun! I hope they remember it that way....


*I can't imagine where he might have heard that particular phrase....certainly not speeding to the bank or baseball games at the last minute!

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April said...

Your kids are so hilarious Lib. I really think you guys ya'll need your own reality show. I would be a devoted viewer. It would be so much better than jon & kate plus 8. LoL. The "Main Bain" would be a hoot in front of the camera :-)

I am glad you had a fun morning with your boys. I love yall!



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