Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Call me old fashioned. I don't think a child saying "what the heck?!" is appropriate vernacular.

So here's the conversation I had with mexican jumping bain and butter bain last night on the trampoline.

MJB: "what the heck?!"
ME: You can't say "what the heck" it's really not appropriate.
MJB: Can I say "what the..."
ME: No...you can say nothing that starts with "what" unless it's an ACTUAL question
MJB: Can I say golly? (Which, with his lisp is more like goll-weeeee)
ME: Of course, golly is fine.
MJB: What about dagnabit?
ME: yeah, that's okay too.
At this point 2yrold butter bain wants in on the conversation and cuts to the chase with the following:
BB: Can I say damn, mom?
ME: No you cannot say damn.
BB: Why not?
ME: Because it's a bad word for 2 years olds.
BB: Can I say dadgummit?
ME: Of course you can.

So from here on out the only expletives allowed will be the previously established oh my word! In addition we now have, golly, dagnabit and dadgumit.

I have a feeling we may be having further almost-cursing-rule-conversations, but we've got a few to choose from for the time being.

Do I count this as a mom-victory?



CH said...

I suggest you introduce them to the lesser-known yet completely harmless "string of expletives" substitute:


(Repeat, with some rapidity, as long as necessary to communicate the appropriate level of disdain, frustration, pain, etc etc)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know 'dagnabit' was used by any one else!
I tried to use "shhhh....ugar" about 12 years ago...and it bit me. Just extending that shh sound seemed to melt away the frustration, until Stuart put his little chunky one year old hand on mine and said..."shit, mama."
I could go on to explain my plight, you know, being six months pregnant and pushing a toddler down a hill in Nashville and all the way to the closest bank only to find it CLOSED for Columbus Day.....

April said...

Ahhh, I remember the first time that Cate spilled a cup of juice on the couch and shouted out "Dammit all!"

Presently my 2 year old nephew is running around saying "oh shit" all the time. It's really kind of embarrassing.

I never really thought about "what the heck" because Cate just isn't there yet. I do however have this thing about when kids answer with "what?" or "huh?" Just irks me. Cate has to say "yes" or "yes ma'am" or just keep saying her name...LoL.


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