Friday, July 11, 2008

There Is a Difference

After spending a couple of nights out of town at a good friend's (a mother of 2 girls) house with all four Thomas Boys, I realized once and for all There Is a Difference between boys and girls. Such as:
  • Boys eat...A LOT.
  • The language of Pokemon (and ballet) is NOT universal.
  • Boys make very distinct bodily noises...A LOT.
  • Boys have to jump, throw, kick, hit and otherwise move around pretty much constantly.
  • Boys eat...A LOT.

We had a wonderful visit despite the gender gap. We also realized that all kids - boys and girls - do have the most important things in common. Swimming, playing house and school, watching cartoons, eating pizza and chicken nuggets, and most of all just being with good friends.

Another day, another story,


1 comment:

Em and Lib said...

Absolutely! but, don't forget about NOISE!!! It's been my experience they are much louder than girls...Lib


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