Thursday, July 17, 2008

Risky Business

Two words: potty training.

I am walking down the hall tonight to go outside and play kickball with all the bains and butterbain comes in and is crying/whining about having an accident. Well, actually he just doesn’t have his aim quite right and had gotten it all over his shorts. So I put a clean pair of underwear on him and with the popped collar all I could think of was Tom Cruise and the famous scene with the shirt and the underwear. While potty training is not quite the same as having to buy back all your parents furniture with the help of someone in, shall we say the entertainment industry, it can be a learning experience.

You’d think after 3 successfully trained boys I’d have a pattern or a system or something, but I’m much more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of mom when it comes to potty training. My only hard and fast rule is this: do it in the summer when there's not nearly as much to wash when they have accidents. So here we are in the summer and it’s going well. We started while on vacation at the lake and it went pretty well except for an episode that involved swimming shorts….and the water hose…use your imagination for the rest.

I am still in awe everyday he doesn’t wear a diaper and keep reminding myself that after the initial “take a change of clothes just in case” phase I will be done with hauling diaper bags. It seems impossible that one day – soon – I could say “Let’s go” and everybody just gets in the car and there’s nothing to carry except what I need. A small bit of freedom, but as out numbered as I am I’ll take it where I can get it.


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