Sunday, July 27, 2008

I know we aren't the only ones

She was part of our family before we were a family. The mainbain got her before we started dating. She was his anchor during some very rough times and a constant companion for all of us after that. She was the most compassionate, loyal and loving animal I have ever known.

Whenever it was learning-to-walk-time for the boys she was more that willing to have quite a bit of fur ripped out while that particular toddler learned to pull up. When limabain was having night terrors every night last year – I could hear her going down the hall to his bedroom to go lie down in front of his bed and “help” him. When I took up running and began training for my first 5K several years ago – she was always at the door wagging and waiting. Ever cheerful and ready to go, even on the mornings I would have rather stayed in bed. She was happy for your to pet her, content if you didn’t. Didn’t mind if butterbain used her as a bean bag or totally ignored her.

She was a constant in our family - we didn’t know how great we had it. Of course there were glimpses of what an amazing animal she was. Did we tell her how much we loved and adored hindsight not nearly enough.

The fact is there will never be another Molly. No matter if we get another Golden Retriever and try to train her the same way and spay her and do all the right things. The fact is, that dog was made for us, before we there was an “us.”

She was 14 and counting. She could hardly get up without help, but her mind was clear. Since we live so far off the beaten path, we have the great advantage of a vet who makes house calls. He called on Friday and after lots of tearful goodbyes she was gone. All those years, just like that. She just lay down and let us pet her and now she’s a memory.

Goodbye Molly - we are really gonna miss you sweet girl.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story about something many of us hold dear, a family pet. I only knew Molly briefly but I could tell she was loved and adored by all. I will miss her too! Blessings on each of you during this trying time.

~Vickie Orr

April said...

I am so glad I got to see her one last time. Your story was beautiful.


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