Friday, July 4, 2008

I can see clearly now - and so can limabain

Limabain is 8, and has been a squinter since he was a little boy. So we had his eyes checked - the doctor said he was fine, it was just a bad habit and we should encourage him not to do it.

Well, that seemed like yesterday...until I called to make another appointment and it's actually been 2 1/2 years! My sweet SIL offered to take him since I was working and her son had an appointment too. I really wasn't worried about it, until she called and said "limabain really needs glasses. they can be ready in two days if we pick them out now." "Of course, " I replied...but I had this nagging how did his eyes get so bad so fast?(yes, I am aware that TECHNICALLY 2 1/2 years isn't that fast) What does this mean...and am I really so wrapped up in the basics ( food, water, bike rides and bedtime stories) that I didn't notice how bad his eyes were?

And my feelings of total inadequacy only heightened once we picked the glasses up. He walked around with them on his nose, comparing the world before glasses to the one now with glasses. Things like trees, flowers and grass are totally new and exciting for him to look at. I wonder if this the the reason his summer reading project has been such a chore....

A million accusing questions firing through my head and my mother in law answered them with one statement. "Liberty, everybody feels guilty when their child gets glasses." And all of the sudden, I felt the guilt fall away.

Of course, I am not the only mother out there who occasionally questions her capability to stay on top of big for those teeth....


Em and Lib said...

SOOOO True. Love it. Em

CH said...

Look at it this way. Had he not been temporarily blind, he would not now have the sense of wonder when looking at a tree and seeing individual leaves. I've been there. It's neat.

And an unsolicited bit of advice from someone whose mother started to pursue orthodontics for him, only to abandon the idea due to cost and other hassles... forgo it. Completely. Unless his teeth stick straight out, his lips will not seal and you find him opening doors with an outstretched upper incisor just because he can, leave the teeth alone. He'll be fine. He'll still be able to eat, talk, find a good wife, and perform all the other necessities of life in spite of not having dental-office-brochure-perfect teeth.

Love and miss y'all!


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